Nitride Heat Treatment Middlesex

One heat treatment used to increase the surface hardness of a steel component is nitriding. If you nitride steel then the result is a thinner but harder surface to the metal. The surface of a metal which has been nitrided will be more wear-resistant. This can be useful in a wide variety of applications. The nitride process involves the diffusion of nitrogen into the metal, and the process minimises the risk of distortion.

Do you need a company that offers nitride heat treatment? Choose Servis Heat Treatments. A wide variety of steels can be nitrided, and here at Servis Heat Treatments we offer a full range of nitriding services, all of which are carried out in our gas nitriding atmosphere furnaces. This has the advantage of shortening the cycle time by as much as 50%. So not only can you guarantee a quick delivery and fast turnaround on the project but you can guarantee quality and our nitride heat treatment expertise.

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