Nitriding Hardness In Middlesex

Nitride hardening is a heat treatment process which produces high surface hardness with minimal distortion. Nitriding is a diffusion process during which time nitrogen is introduced into the surface of a steel component. As it is a diffusion process it needs a longer treatment time.

Nitriding produces a hard outer skin on the material which is being nitrided. The component can be made harder still depending on what is required and what particular material is being used.

If you need a component subjected to the nitriding process then Servis Heat Treatments will be able to offer the service you require. The nitriding process is carried out with care, skill and professionalism in the gas nitriding atmosphere furnaces on site. Our own accelerated nitriding process gives the advantage of shortening the cycle time by as much as 50%.

As well as nitriding, the team at Servis Heat Treatments offers a wide range of heat treatment services. Whatever your specific needs, we can meet them. So why not take advantage of the heat treatment services we offer?