Nitriding Steel London

Nitride hardening or nitriding provides a means to increase the surface hardness of steel components. The process is carried out at a low temperature and the whole process takes place in a protective environment, giving the component a clean, polished finish.

With the nitriding process you have the flexibility to harden only selected areas of the steel component as opposed to the whole component – whatever is required. Nitriding is a specialised surface hardening treatment which needs to be carried out in controlled conditions by an expert with all the right equipment. Nitriding has the advantage over other surface hardening treatments in that the hardness is done without the need for quenching, so there are no problems with distortion.

Do you require a nitriding service? Choose Servis Heat Treatments. All nitriding processes are carried out in our gas nitriding atmosphere furnaces. Our own accelerated nitriding process offers the advantage of shortening the cycle time by as much as 50%. With the excellent and reliable service that we offer, why look elsewhere?