Nitriding, nitro carburising and accelerated nitriding

In our gas nitriding atmosphere furnaces.


Nitriding requires specific steels as not all carbon steels will react to this process and is used where high wear resistance is required.

This process creates a thin and hard surface by usually heating between 500°c to 550°c in an ammonia gas atmosphere for anything up to 96 hours. The ammonia introduces nitrogen into the surface and does not require a quench cycle to harden.

Due to the relatively low temperature and lack of thermal shock when quenched compared to other heat treatment processes nitriding cycles tend to produce less distortion to your components.

Our own trademarked accelerated nitriding process is the same as the basic nitriding and has the advantage of shortening the cycle time by as much as 50%.

This process has been developed by our own engineers, scientists and metallurgists and has proved remarkably successful in not only saving time but does not have the disadvantage of the white layer that usually has to be removed.

Most of our customers choose this process because the shortened cycle time, with exactly the same quality results, improves their own lead time