Steel Hardening Manchester

Only steel that contains high levels of carbon can be tempered or hardened. If a component part contains a high level of carbon then it can be successfully hardened by being heated. If steel is heated until it grows red and then put in water (quenching) straight away, it becomes hard but also takes on a certain degree of brittleness.

Steel hardening is required if the metal needs to be hardened in order for it to be fit for purpose. Steel often needs to undergo hardening in order for it to obtain different properties, including increased strength and hardness. Hardening is just one of the processes used in heat treatment processes to alter metals.

Here at Servis Heat Treatments weÕre flexible in offering a variety of high quality but affordable heat treatment processes to clients across various precision engineering industries. With many yearsÕ experience in the heat treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, we have established a sound reputation in providing high quality heat treatment services. We can meet all your steel hardening and metal heat treatment requirements.