Tempering in Essex

Tempering involves reheating the hardened steel to the cooler tempering temperature in order to relieve stress and reduce brittleness, both of which are present due to the hardening process. During tempering, some of the hardness is replaced with toughness. Tempering is required in order to ensure that the steel is ready to be used in practical application. Steel which hasn’t been tempered is almost as brittle as glass.

Tempering is a process which decreases hardness and brittleness and increases the toughness of hardened steels. Tempering will leave your component piece of steel with the required properties. Tempering in its traditional process involves heating the steel at a relatively low temperature for a while before allowing it to cool slowly. The process of tempering is a treatment which is used in the industrial sectors.

Servis Heat Treatments offers tempering to clients across the precision engineering industries. As specialists in this niche industry, our team will listen to what it is you need before performing the heat treatment services required. From hardening to tempering, our heat treatment specialists will be able to accommodate your every request.