Tempering in Essex

Some components are too hard or too brittle to be used for a particular purpose in their current state and so need to be tempered. Tempering involves reheating the component at a low temperature to reduce its hardness, achieving the desired hardness or strength required. Both time and temperature are critical to get right if the tempering process is to be successful. Some materials require the process to be repeated twice, even three times, before the right hardness and strength is achieved.

In engineering, material properties need to be changed to ensure a particular component works well in operation. These materials are manipulated by heat treatment processes as a means of ensuring that each component is able to withstand specific operating conditions.

Tempering in Essex is available through Servis Heat Treatments. Here at Servis Heat Treatments we offer a variety of heat treatment processes, including tempering. So whatever your application needs, we can meet them. Component parts must be of good value if they are to perform well in application, and quality is what we offer at Servis Heat Treatments.