Tempering in the West Midlands

What is tempering? Tempering is a process used to toughen a material such as steel or glass or iron in order to make it more resistant to stress. The tempering process is done by heating the material to a particular temperature for a certain period of time before cooling it quickly under controlled conditions to return it to its normal temperature.

When a material is fresh from the hardening process, it will be brittle. If you were to use it in this state it would simply chip and shatter. Generally speaking, it should be tempered prior to use. Tempering makes the component softer but lessens the brittleness. The higher the temperature during tempering, the less brittle and softer the material will be.

Components in the hardened condition are too hard to work with, so if you need to find a company in the West Midlands which offers tempering as a specialist service then you can’t go wrong with Servis Heat Treatments. We have a range of air circulating tempering furnaces on the premises, which can cater to all your tempering needs.

Whatever your tempering requirements, we can meet and exceed them, offering a professional service.