Tempering South West

Tempering is performed at low temperature and is a heat treatment process used for a metal to reach the desired level of hardness or toughness. Tempering reduces the hardness in the material and increases the toughness. Through tempering you can alter a metalÕs properties to allow it to perform well in application.

Tempering is performed after hardening to reduce any excess hardness. It removes the brittle nature of the components which result from quenching, restoring its ductility and altering the physical or mechanical properties. In effect, tempering is carried out to develop the necessary combination of hardness, toughness and strength, or to reduce the brittleness of hardened steels. The intended result is a component with the right combination of hardness, toughness and strength required for the application.

Tempering services in the south-west are available through Servis Heat Treatments. The team here at Servis Heat Treatments can offer a variety of heat treatment processes, including tempering. So whatever your application needs, we can meet them. YouÕll doubtless want to know that the component parts are of good value to ensure they perform well in application. This is what we offer at Servis Heat Treatments: quality heat treatment processes and high value components.